Monday, January 30, 2017

Knock- Free Sheet Music

The other day I noticed that I have some sheet music already prepared that I haven't shared yet!  AND it's one of my favorite pieces that I've written.  I have 2 versions, one is more contemporary with piano, guitar, and drums, and the other is perfect for Sacrament Meeting with just piano and violin.  My husband and I sang it one year in the adult session of our Stake Conference.  It was SO nice.  I really, really love it both ways.  It could be sung by a male as a solo.  You can listen to how my husband and I do it HERE on Soundcloud.  I don't have the violin version recorded anywhere, so you'll just have to hear that if you're lucky enough to know a violinist.  :)  A flute usually works nice in place of a violin in most pieces, though I haven't tried a flute on this specific song.  Just trying to give you some options.  :)  Enjoy!!  I would love to hear about it if you perform this piece!

Free sheet music: Knock

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