Saturday, January 21, 2017

Scripture Song 2 Ne 32:3 (Free sheet music!)

One of my music goals for 2017 is to write one scripture song a month.  The current plan is to alternate between the King James Version Bible verses, and Book of Mormon verses.  Most of these songs (if not all) will just have the words to a particular verse or two verbatim for the purpose of memorization.  I hope you use these in your homes to help your children and yourselves memorize scriptures.  I have loved memorizing this particular verse while working on this song.  Such a beautiful, powerful verse.

I know that angels are real.  Tonight when I was tucking my 7 year old into bed we were getting ready to say his prayer and he said, "Mom, Jesus never talks to us."  I told him that he does!  He speaks to us through the Holy Ghost sometimes in our minds and sometimes in our hearts and through the scriptures and that sometimes when he talks to us, we think it's our own thoughts.  I testified that sometimes angels speak to us in our minds and that they are messengers of Heavenly Father, and then I sang the beginning of this song, "Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost...."  I should have kept going: "wherefore they speak the words of Christ."  Such powerful words.

Thank you to all the angels that bless and watch over my family and children. 

2 Ne 32:3 (click the scripture to access the free sheet music!)

(The tempo marking of 80 is a little quicker than I like it, but I don't know how to go back and change it without starting over.)

See the LESSON PLAN for ideas to discuss as you teach the song.

Here is the VIDEO of my kids singing the song.

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