Monday, April 30, 2018

Peace In Christ for Youth Choir

Well, there hasn't been much posting on this site from me for a while.  I've had a lot going on.  We homeschool and I changed curriculums about a month and a half ago.  I'm the Stake Music Chair and we had our Stake Conference in April, and I got to play some of my original music in a benefit concert this past Saturday.  In the mean time, we're 5 months pregnant and I keep working on painting various parts of the house, because that's just what I do when I'm pregnant.

I've been pretty excited about my most recent idea for my Stake music calling.  Every May there is a seminary graduation that they ask me to plan a special musical number for.  This year I thought it would be awesome if the youth were in charge of every part of the music for this graduation.  As part of that I decided to put together a youth choir, and assign a youth conductor and pianist.  They will be singing Peace In Christ-the youth theme song for 2018.  As you probably know if you're reading this, there is only a solo version available online.  I went ahead and wrote parts in for the chorus and re-entered everything into Finale and am making it available to you.  It's nothing super fancy or complicated, and I felt silly adding my name as arranger because I barely did anything--but it's still worth sharing and making your life easier!  We will be having the girls sing verse 1 unison and the boys sing verse 2 unison.  You could always cut each verse in half and go back and forth more, OR you could throw in a soloist or two.

As a side note--we are having our pianist play the piano part off of the original free PDF because it's more simple--only 2 pages versus 5 or 6.  She is just referencing my version for when she needs to plunk out the parts.

Hope you enjoy this! I would love to know if you use it and what you use it for!

Peace In Christ SAB

P.S.  It is now 2 months later.  I took this post down to get permission from the church to share this arrangement.  I now have official permission!  Yay!

Also, the youth choir ended up performing it a little different than I thought they would.  They had a soloist for verse one, then everyone sang verse 2 together unison.  It turned out so beautiful with all the youth and the parts.  I hope you are able to use it in your wards and stakes!




  1. As always, you CONTINUALLY AMAZE ME! You are a Wonder. 💜💜💜

  2. Thank you so much! I was hoping someone had arranged this, and you did.