Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February Free Scripture Song for Kids

The scripture song for February is James 1:5.  It's a short scripture with a powerful truth.  I hope to share a lesson on it next week.  The song is simple and upbeat.  The tempo is around 95.  I hope your kids like it and that it opens a good door of discussion and teaching eternal truths.  

James 1:5 Song

Personal note:  I have recently become the Stake Music Chair and our first Stake Conference since is approaching.  For the rest of this month all of my music focus will be into getting to know and connecting with all of the pieces the choir will be singing.  Our first choir practice is in 4 days!  I still actually even need to choose one more song for a special number during Priesthood session.  Off to free zoo day, then it's time to study!!

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